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Latex and Leather and Kink…Oh My!

(Or That Time I Spent a Saturday Night at My First Fetish Party!)

The thought of walking into a fetish party would never have crossed my (mostly) vanilla-minded head a few years ago, but since sexploring life, and all of its delicious diversity, my curiosity of the kinkier side of things got the better of me when I came across a flyer for Fetish 101 at Cruze Bar.  It is the party where “eroticism, imagination, and fantasy meet”!  As a sub-novice to all things kinky, aside from the occasional ass and boob smacking in the bedroom, this party grabbed my expectations of public fetish gatherings by the proverbial leather cuffs and strung me up for quite the wake-up call.

With the added courage of a friend in tow, I put on a nice top and some heels for a night out at Cruze Bar, which was hosting Fetish 101.  We arrived around 10pm and there was already a modest crowd socializing, viewing or partaking in the demonstrations set up around the larger main room, and enjoying the privacy of some black plastic sheeting on the patio.  The front room also had similar sheeting on the windows for total discretion.

I think of all the things that threw me off it was the crowd.  Maybe I was expecting more leather and chains, latex catsuits and low cut corsets, but I was pleasantly surprised to see most people were just wearing whatever they might typically wear out on a Saturday night.  It makes sense in hindsight considering the vast spectrum of kinks and fetishes someone might explore, and those activities should not have to dictate how one aesthetically presents themselves at any given time.  Even among fellow kinksters.  It was quite obvious though that the old heads were in the majority that night, which I was happy to see.

The assortment of demonstrations going on at Fetish 101 would not have been possible were it not for the seasoned kinky folks in attendance.  And it goes a long way with me to learn from those who know what they are doing.  We watched a fire play and cupping demo, which totally appealed to my deep, inner pyro, and had so much fun getting up close and personal with a Violet Wand.  And by “up close and personal” I mean the facilitator ran it up and down my arm, and had it set really low.  The vac bed was one popular demo, even I was tempted to give it a go, with it set up on the stage next to the DJ booth.  I can only imagine how the bass felt like in that thing!

If I had had a little more money in my evening budget I most definitely would have gone home with a collar or some wrist cuffs from the merchandise table.  It was set up with a tempting assortment of bonds, whips, paddles, gags, and floggers.  And very friendly staff greeted you with a paddle or riding crop to test out.  Lovely, local, and handmade to boot!

The whole night I had a smile on my face, spending time with new faces and old friends, and wondered why I had been so nervous about attending.  The curtain had been pulled back and there were no metaphorical, scary imps with hot pokers trying to get me.  That is not what this scene is about at all.  In fact, the event was very moving with beautiful people putting their most authentic and raw selves on display for each other.  I am very much looking forward to going back in July.  So much so in fact that I spent much of my afternoon perusing JT’s Stockroom online and looking up how to make latex and vinyl clothing myself.  And I will have to make a stop to our local ER Room in Lawrenceville.

Fetish 101, you have affected me in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you!



Just a Little Mid Week Check-in

Post CatalystCon has been amazing.  There are so many things running through my head to work on in days to come, as if that were unusual, but this week(end) holds some fun happenings for me.

First up, tomorrow, April 3rd, I will be attending a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood called On the Spot, an associate project which addresses the scarcities of menstrual items available to young women in low income communities in the Pittsburgh area.  The event is being held at Industry Public House, from 6pm to 8pm, (one of my favorite spots in Lawrenceville), and all proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood for local young women (and young men) for dispersal.  A friend told me about this event last weekend and I hope to make some connections within PP regarding their sexuality education programs.  Do good and good things will come back to you.  I think that’s how karma is supposed to work, right?

Next up, on Saturday, April 5th, Cruze Bar in the Strip District will be hosting Fetish 101, a party “where eroticism, imagination, and fantasy meet”!  This kinky shindig kicks off at 8pm and goes all night, which in Pittsburgh land means 2am, but there will be an after hours party happening down the street at Club Pittsburgh.  Honcho is hosting Fetish 102 with guest dj’s Mark Louque and d’Adhemar.  But back to Fetish 101!  All experience levels welcome, prizes to be had for those that show up in full gear, and Pittsburgh’s own Edgar Um will be providing some “dark electronic 80’s dance pop, new wave, industrial, dark wave and darker house/techno”.  You can check out the rules of play here.  And drink specials will be available starting at 7pm.

As for new posts, my head is kind of swimming.  I have been a big comic book geek for some time now, and have been pondering the intersection of sexuality and this wonderful medium.  Recently I added SEX by Joe Casey and Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction to my pull list so you might just see some reviews being posted on those comics.  Or I might just lose myself in some research, re: read all the comics I can get my hands on involving sexuality.  Thank goodness for my local library, which I also work at, or else I might find my wallet to be much lighter than it already is.  Other than those pull lists at my local comic book shop, that is.  Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, eh?

I hope to go through some notes and post more about some of my favorite CatalystCon sessions/panels, especially that one regarding comprehensive sexuality education, and the Saturday evening entertainment provided by UrbanErotika.


Porn Studies Out Now!

While perusing social media today, I came upon some chatter that co-editors Feona Attwood and Clarissa Smith have finally published the first issue of Porn Studies, a peer-reviewed journal focused on the study of pornography.  Yes, you read that correctly, an academic journal dedicated to porn.  And I think one of the best parts of this publication is that it is FREE to the public, at least for the time being.

Better believe I have secured a copy of the articles included in this greatly anticipated journal, and look forward to reading what Attwood and Smith have collected for our intellectual enjoyment.  You can find the journal here on Taylor & Francis Online published by Routledge.

Enjoy your brain sex everyone!


Catalyst Con East 2014: Living up to its reputation (Closing Keynote Edition)

Sunday, March 16th 2014, we saw the end to Catalyst Con East (the fourth Catalyst Con to date…don’t worry, number five will be upon us this Fall), and did it sure go out with a bang!

After the final sessions and panels of the day wrapped up, conference goers parted ways for a nice little break before reconvening for the closing keynote, tea and a chat with Carol Queen and the legendary Betty Dodson.  For the uninitiated, follow the link to Betty Dodson’s website for more information about her.  I lack the space in this post to fill you in on her life, contributions to the cause, and her no-fucks-giving self.

Carol and Betty have been friends for years so it was certainly a big deal to witness that intimate discussion between two icons in the sex-positive community.  They bantered, they shared stories, and they made some of us feel pretty darn uncomfortable at times, but I did not pay to attend a conference at which I would be completely complacent the entire time.  I want to be challenged, darn it!  Whether that come in the form of being squicked out by a tale of experimental bestiality (it was the 60’s, okay?) or feeling as though the community had a more lax view on consent than one might have previously assumed, Catalyst stands for sparking conversations around sexuality.  Carol Queen and Betty Dodson, much like they have done in the past, made that happen again in that very room with the endless support and facilitation of Dee Dennis.

We needed that closing keynote more than we probably knew.

Despite what some might think, yes, we needed that.  Throughout the weekend, at every panel and session I attended, I saw quite a few heads nodding along to much of what was being said by the speaker(s), and although I do not see that as a problem I do see it as an indication that we do indeed spend a lot of time preaching to the choir at Catalyst Con.  Mo Beasley (of UrbanErotika) pointed out that very thing during the opening keynote; that we need to take what we learn, and experience, that weekend back to our local communities.  Send it back out into the world where that knowledge may be needed most.  We come together to exchange ideas, engage in dialogue, and connect with like-minded sex nerds, but at the end of the weekend we all part ways and take with us what we have learned/experienced.

Each and every attendee’s concerns and reactions to the closing keynote are valid.  Period.  And however one chooses to deal with those feelings is their own business, just be kind to each other (and yourself).  Listen to each other, and if possible reach out to those who have inspired those feelings or reactions.  I certainly plan to as I am not one for immediate confrontation, and honestly I did not have all the words/thoughts to explain how I felt.  I like to sit with myself (and/or others, if needed) to process what I am thinking before making any moves.  The road to processing such things can be very rocky, and by the end I rarely come out the other end with the same personal conclusion.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all life-long learners and that closing keynote was just another lesson on everyone’s journey.  A teachable moment that I hope does not pass anyone by, because where is the fun in that?  Getting old is a blast, but for me it is because I can wake up to a new way of understanding the world any day I want.

Until next time, stay open, honest, and sexy!


FYI (if you’re Mrs. Hall)

Thanks to one Ms. Amy Lang I just read A Message to Teenage Girls About That Letter From Mrs. Hall, which was preceded of course by a reading of Hall’s FYI (if you’re a teenage girl), an open letter to the young women in her vulnerable-to-temptation teenage boys’ lives, which basically translates to one heck of a slut shaming.

First, I want to thank Angi Becker Stevens for being a voice of reason and assurance to young women who may, or may not, have read Hall‘s sweetly veiled diatribe against them.  Especially those teens who may have taken Hall’s words to heart.  I can imagine many young women saw that post for what it was, a daft attempt at pushing blame and responsibility for her sons’ views of women off of herself and onto the so-called “objects” of their desires.  Many different people can objectify, and be objectified in return, and Mrs. Hall certainly demonstrated her ability to objectify other women instead of taking responsibility for teaching her sons how to see their female classmates, and other people for that matter, as multifaceted human beings.

Being a teenager is pretty darn confusing at least 80% of the time [I am being optimistic with that “professional” calculation], which much of that is due in large part to the constant bombardment of mixed messages even us grown adults have to deal with from the media, and from those around us who parrot them constantly without giving any thought to what they might actually mean.  To what those messages imply about our societies and how they have viewed women for centuries, as objects to own and control.  Equality has come a long way in a short amount of time, but let me be perfectly clear we have so far to go even still.  Mrs. Hall’s words are evidence enough to that.

And finally the main point of this quick post is to send Mrs. Hall a message.

I know my criticisms have not sounded as constructive as I would have liked, but I take slut shaming very seriously and if I can manage to show someone how damaging their words can be to the development of those women you pray your boys will love then that is a win in my book.  I would just ask you to imagine you were 14 years old again and reread your post.  Now imagine your 14 year old self dealing with the impossible standards of beauty and virginal conduct she would have to live up to today.  Can you honestly say then that you still feel the same about those friends of your boys?

I think it is fantastic that you sit down with your kids and discuss your values as a family, but I think there is something else missing, lessons of respect and tolerance of others.  Unfortunately, I do not think it is within you to teach it to them if you would so easily cast blame on young women, who are just trying to find their place in this world like your sons do, but are all too often not given any kind of assurance or alternative message that their self-worth is not measured by how sexy they can make themselves appear to be, but instead by so many different factors that contribute to who they are as a whole person.

It can be difficult to see another as an equally complex and interesting human being when our eyes are clouded by misinformation and misguided views, but it is possible to get over that and stop blaming those who have no control over the media noise being thrown at us.  Wake up and see how awful it sounds to hold a teenage girl to a different standard than your own sons.  Female sexuality is not a coiled snake prepared to strike at an unannounced moment.  It is fun, sexy, scary, and empowering, but it has always been used against women while their male counterparts are sheltered away on pedestals with their equally as fun, sexy, scary, and empowering sexuality.

Some time soon I will revive these thoughts and hopefully come up with something more coherent, but for now i hope this will be enough to share my feelings on the issue.  Slut shaming young women into behaving how you believe they should is no way to make a difference.  It only has the potential to do damage to the development of strong, independent people, something our world is lacking these days.

Review: Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples

Have you ever overheard a conversation referencing the flavor vanilla, but not in conjunction with ice cream or cake?  Chances are if you eavesdropped a little harder you would likely hear other terms and phrases definitely not associated with traditional delicious treats.  Kinky sex is just as satisfying and fulfilling as “vanilla sex”, but it can quite frankly be downright intimidating for the uninitiated.  Have no fear, my fine, unbound friends, because pornographers like Tristan Taormino are out there working their butts off to offer you informative, sexy guides to help you get in touch with your kinky side.  The world of kink and bondage is like a choose your own adventure for adults so never fear if your first look around does not appeal to you.

Recently, one of Taormino’s newest titles, Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples, was discreetly shipped my way from Adam and Eve, and let me say it was certainly a treat!   Although my sexual tastes may vary, I still feel there is so much out there for me (and my partner) to learn. This guide is certainly a great place to start, or connect what I had previously heard and read about with physical demonstrations, as well as couples discussing their relationships with kink.

This guide is set up, like some of Taormino’s other titles, to educate and titillate viewers.  The introduction is full of information and ideology, as well as the couples’ own insights into kinky sex and why they love it, which will certainly bring any newbie up to speed.  This also serves to demystify that naughty enigma we know as kink; it is a game and can serve to explore one’s inner desires on one’s own terms.  If you missed something no need to worry because throughout the DVD Tristan Taormino comes back between each scene to introduce or revisit aspects of kink that will be more specifically featured in scenes to come.  We hear a little more from the couples as well.  And if you are somewhat reserved or shy about broaching the subject with your partner(s), there are tips a plenty on that subject.

If you and your partner(s) are looking for more action with less interruption I would suggest looking elsewhere, because although you could skip ahead to the sex scenes I believe it is highly recommended that you watch every bit of it, especially coming from a beginner’s perspective.  Many of the terms and ideas I was already familiar with, but hearing what others have to say about them, and how they engage them, drives the information home.  It might not be a bad idea to have a pen and notepad handy for jotting any inspirations down for further exploration.

Each scene, of which there are four, is quite unique from the others, and features a different aspect of kink/BDSM for viewers to enjoy.  First up is Lyla Storm and Danny Wylde in a fun display of sensation play.  Some of the tools they utilize were a collar, blindfold, feathers, and massage oil candle.  For those unfamiliar with the latter, Tristan cautions viewers, very practically, about what oil in the candles can do to linens and how it can be not so good for genitals, but there are items out there that can be safe for sheets and sensitive bits.  I definitely took note of that and appreciated the insight into actual at home use of such a tool.

This scene is one of the three Dom/sub dynamics in the DVD, with Danny Wylde filling the role of the Dominant and Lyla Storm as the submissive, which may not be one of her favorite roles to play.  She apparently does not like doing what others tell her to, which she stated before the scene with a laugh.  I like to think by the end she became a bit of a convert, given the right partner to take the lead.  For the approximately 35 minutes that the scenes goes on for there is a lot going on, but mostly in the beginning.  Foreplay seems to be the focus here, which I really enjoyed because beyond that it seemed pretty run of the mill penis-in-vagina action, but it shows that you can have tons of fun with your partner(s) before getting to the so-called main event.  Of all the scenes, I took the most notes for later use during this one, like while having your tits slapped an angle to get the most oomph out of it might be with your partner behind you.  Or laying on your stomach to masturbate your partner straddling you, which could work for anyone utilizing a phallus during play time.  But aside from all that, I just enjoyed the ample amounts of verbal feedback and laughter in the scene.  A little, or a lot in this case, of laughing can make intimate times just that much more enjoyable.

The beginning of Adrianna Nicole and Evan Stone‘s scene looks like it belongs on a blooper reel, but it worked so well given the laidback interview and preceding scene.  Things get serious pretty quickly, but that is not to say there is not ample enjoyment throughout.  One thing that got me right off the bat was the sound quality of this scene.  It seems off, but Evan and Adrianna are very quiet to start, and even at certain points within the scene.  It becomes very clear that the sound quality is just fine when Adrianna starts giving Evan a blowjob and sucking on his balls.  Everything is crystal clear at that point.  This scene was hands down one of my favorites.  Evan is very intense which juxtaposes interestingly with Adrianna’s more bratty doll persona, and her eye contact is just…wow!  I really like that there is so much focus on her face because it is just so damn expressive.  I call Adrianna’s role doll-like in this scene because, although Evan runs the show nicely, there is not much vocal command going on, like in the previous scene, so when he wants her in a position he takes her there physically which she follows, but sometimes like a bratty rag doll.  If you or your partner tends to be on the quiet side in bed this might appeal to your own sex life.  As long as you can read your partner’s intentions well it can work either way.  And do not be afraid to grunt, male or female, because Adrianna certainly was not!  Vocalizing one’s pleasure is sexy as hell and even women in porn have a wide range of doing so.

So the next scene gave me some hang ups.  Not regarding the content itself, but just how to approach it.  So far the Dominant roles have been played by male actors, but during this scene Aiden Starr is the Domme to Christian‘s sub.  And if you are at all familiar with either actor you are aware that this is an impressive sight to behold.  One of my initial notes on the scene read, “tiny woman vs big man–it’s not what you think”.  No, it sure is not.  Aiden does a fabulous job exerting her dominance over Christian, who in a past life might have been a gladiator of Ancient Rome.  And the scene is very person focused, like the others, so the viewer can see how each partner interacts with the other.  Their responses to each command and slap are front and center, or artistically off to the side if that be the case.

Given this scene is focusing on a female Dominant and male submissive, the key is to show a woman in the driver’s seat, confidently leading the scene, and Aiden Starr rocked it!  She is deadly sexy, but flows with her own emotions, like getting all giddy during an orgasm or calling Christian out about almost coming when he is not supposed to.  That particular moment was pretty fun actually.  Speaking of Aiden’s orgasms, she has such a wide range of vocalizations, volumes, and her eyes get involved in such a fascinating way.  There was a lot of kissing going on in this scene, or it might be more apt to say there was a lot of tongue sucking happening.  Either way, this scene was very intriguing, sexy, and enlightening for those viewers out there looking to switch roles in the bedroom.

Closing out the DVD, we have Asa Akira and Derrick Pierce focusing on anal play with the help of some warm-up toys like Ben-wa balls, a paddle, and butt plugs.  Of all the couples these two have the best chemistry and, during the interviews, seem to be on similar levels as far as their interests in kinky sex go, which translates very well into the scene.  Derrick has a very accommodating, laid back attitude about anal sex, as well as thoroughly getting a kick out of his partner’s responses.  I would have to agree with Asa about that stance on anal sex, it definitely puts someone in a better state of mind knowing their partner is not going to freak out at seeing a bit of brown after screwing their butthole.  Shit happens, so relax, which is vital for anal sex being as pleasurable as possible.  Laughter abounds in this scene, plenty of great eye contact, and boisterous orgasms.  It hit me again how crisp and clear the sound is on this DVD while watching this scene when I realized just how many gags, queefs, and ball slaps I was hearing.  Sex is not an act that takes place in a vacuum so we  should all be well aware of the orchestra that is two bodies slamming together for very pleasurable purposes.

Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples is a damn spectacular introduction to kink for those lovers who shy on the more vanilla end of the sexual spectrum, although it would be great to see a future edition featuring a more diverse cast of couples.  The information is explained very forwardly throughout the DVD and from there any viewer should feel more confident in exploring topics of kink, bondage, and BDSM on their own terms.  And if the information is not enough for you there are four hot scenes that will certainly get you in the mood, or at least a new mindset, to explore your kinky side.

You can get your very own copy of Tristan Taormino’s Guide to Kinky Sex for Couples at Adam & Eve, Puckerup.com, or any number of other sex-positive online locations.

Play safe and enjoy!

Confessions of a “Mono” Girl

When I came out almost ten years ago, I had no idea there were more facets to my sexuality that would come into question later in life.  About two years ago I met and developed feelings for a friend of mine.  It was very unexpected, but really amazing on so many levels.  For one, I have found that I take quite a bit of pleasure from crushes I form.  It is fun to meet a new person and develop an admiration for the person they are, as well as the more physical attractions they can pull out of me.  Crushes are also excellent ways to work on feelings of compersion, which is to put it simply the polar opposite of jealousy.  If I form a crush on someone it can be very fulfilling to see them find happiness elsewhere, whether that be in a new relationship or with a partner they are with currently.  It is never my intention to mess with the hearts and minds of anyone I become attracted to, which is why I keep most of those feelings to myself.  In certain circumstances I have been known to confess how I feel for someone, but in most cases it is not appropriate for either party involved.

This brings me to another level of satisfaction I have gleaned from the crushes I have indulged in over the years.  I have a primary partner and we have been together for five years now.  When I started “crushing on” this friend of mine I realized that those feelings never interfered with or changed how I felt about my partner.  For someone who got by on serial monogamy after a pretty serious break up, this was huge!  It felt amazing and reaffirming and I got to thinking… Maybe I am poly.  Could I be like so many of the individuals I look up to in the sex-positive community, open and loving multiple partners?  I continued to read about the subject and listen to podcasts of people who are open and candid about the lifestyle they lead, but it was not until recently that I really began to think about the implications and realities of this (potentially) new aspect of myself.

However, this leads to some road blocks because if feelings are involved I will be the first to admit I suck at communication.  Really.  It has been something I have dealt with since I was a child and over the years, despite sex-positive revelations I have had, little has changed that about me.  I avoid confrontation like the plague and hate the thought of saying something that might hurt someone I love.  This poses a lot of problems, especially with having a primary partner and realizing something as life-altering as being poly might be a real part of who I am as a sexual being.  So given my track record with communication it is no surprise I sat on this for quite some time, almost two years in fact, over analyzing and running scripts through my head.  I had a close friend who I could talk to about it, but it was never with the one person who needed to hear these thoughts and feelings most, but I am happy to report that is no longer the case!

Yes, I have finally shared my desires to potentially open up our relationship with my partner.  Phew!  The funniest thing about it was that I had no plans to do so, but it just came out one night as we were settling in for bed.  And for the life of me I cannot remember how it was even brought up.  It was a very simple statement and it came out very easily.  I was also very relieved when my confession was met with understanding and some open-mindedness.  I was by no means trying to place an ultimatum on the table because at this point who knows how anything will go.  In theory many things sound so great, but in practice they can work out much differently than we expect.  Little by little we have opened up more about the subject and just sex in general.  Communication is key because I do not want to move ahead with anything until our relationship is on solid ground.  It has a great foundation, but there are still things we (and I) need to work on.

The morning after I had initially brought up the subject things felt different.  Possibilities were there that had not been and I felt more comfortable opening my mouth to let the thoughts come out.  We have had some fun conversations since then, and I look forward to where this might lead us.  Just because one might form an attraction for another does not mean a relationship in place is a lie or lacking, it just means everyone involved can learn and explore so much more than they had thought possible.  As long as I am able, I will maintain an open mind and open heart because lately it has just made me feel like a happier person.

Katelyn Campbell, I salute you!

This afternoon I came across an article from ThinkProgress.org that is making the internet rounds and I have to say I really enjoy these moments that reaffirm why I have chosen to make comprehensive sexuality education a big part of my future career.  It also inspires me to see young people standing up to those who would try to strip them of an honest education, putting their collective foot down to people with a dangerous agenda for the health and wellness of today’s youth.  And not only did Katelyn Campbell stand her ground, but her fellow classmates have joined her in the fight.  It is not just adults who attend sex work shops with friends and dazed partners, students want, and have wanted, in on the knowledge action as well!

It will be a difficult battle to eradicate the harmful messages of people like Pam Stenzel, but it will be well worth it when young people, of all ages, races, orientations, socio-economic backgrounds, can navigate a sex-crazed culture without confusion, shame, and fear.  I look forward to that day.  In the meantime, help let George Washington High School know that a comprehensive education is a successful education by signing this petition at Change.org.  We are all in this together, young and old, and we are stronger together.

Check out the above linked article and join in on the discussion!

Way to go, Ms Campbell!  I look forward to the outcome of this debate, and those being had all over the world.

Love is…

Love is letting a fumbling, possibly stinky sloth cuddle on you, and almost gauge your eyes out with their pointy three toes.

t.’s Reading Nook

[Image from ellenforney.com]

This past Fall I started working at a library.  I hang out all day processing and shelving books, which leads to a LOT checked out items and maybe a late fine or two on my record.  At any given time I could have 20+ books checked out, and that is quite frankly a bit overwhelming at times, but I have the chance to run across some real gems!

Recently I had a hold on Ellen Forney‘s Lust: Kinky Online Personal Ads From Seattle’s The Stranger, but after some investigations came to realize our copy was lost in the system, never to be seen again.  Real drag, but instead of waiting around for a new copy to be ordered I went ahead and bought my own.  I was not disappointed I did so.

After reading Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me, Forney’s graphic memoir about her years long tango with bi-polar disorder and treatment, I came to really enjoy her art and style.  So when I sat down to read Lust, which took all of one afternoon, I was treated to damn good illustrations that showcase her talents in a way I had not been exposed to.  Imaginative and succinct visual interpretations of a wide range of personal ads left nothing but a smile on my face when I put it down.

Dan Savage and Corianton Hale said of their search for the right artist for the job, “We wanted someone that could make someone into whips and chains and hoods look like someone you could take home to meet your parents.  We wanted Ellen Forney.”  And she certainly delivered!

What I had not expected to read, but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless, were the five interviews Forney conducted with certain kinky users about their ads and adventures before, during, and after posting them.  We get a glimpse into the minds and sexualities of a diverse range of kinksters from The Stranger‘s Lust Lab personal ad section.  My personal favorite was RRR, 22 “Kundalini Kat” (pg. 15) because she speaks so openly and honestly about her sexual transformations and what drew her to Lust Lab/forum communities in the first place.  All of the interviews also offer up each person’s individual interpretation and relationship with kink in a way that is very eloquent, candid, and just…normal.

The illustrations are hot and entertaining, the interviews are honest and informative, and the kinks are fun and twisted!  I would confidently say Lust is the right read for lovers of comics books, standard non-fiction, and all types of sexual proclivities.  Are you game?

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